Emilys Traum Book

Cover, layout, graphic design and typesetting

An opulent, lively cookery-picture-reading book… A culinary foray through continents, kitchens and townships. Cooked and arranged by Ute & Rainer Wengenroth, with a teaspoon of creative madness… From the onlooking dog Hilde to the powerful eagle Casanova, the excited huskies and the visiting penguins. Peppered with the stories of people who have realized their dreams not only in cooking. Encounters, horsepower, recipes, goose bumps. Spiced with spicy details and terrific recipes for kitchen startersand old kitchen hands. Read about health gurus, hip sins and stories that warm theheart. Lots of colorful recipes from vegan to meat lust, wonderfully served on Oma Hetti’s old-fashioned plates or even reinterpreted.


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