Hadean erdzeit Exhibition

By the age of 10 I started to photograph and I have been crafting and painting throughout my life. Creating art was the one thing that always helped me with my ADHD to stay calm and focused.
On Thursday I had the opportunity to curate my work at a special Location in the heart of Frankfurt.
From the entrance area of Tokonoma Club the path leads down through a thunder, lightning and fog installation under earth to get closer to HADEAN.
We travel back to the Earth’s
primeval time – Hadean / Erdzeit.
Both man and woman are reconnecting with planet Earth.
I cordially invite you to a sensory activation exhibition at Kaiserstrasse 39 on October 6, 2022.
Musically accompanied by friends.
Lineup will not be announced.
For a toast there will be sparkling wine on ice and organic ground finger food made with love.
The analog photographs and
installations will be presented at Tokonoma.
The exhibition was divided into three rooms. In the heart room was a series of 9 medium format photographs that i took at Lindley Lindenberg in 2021. The photographs show woman and man raw, vulnerable and genuine. In the middle of the room, friends of mine performed and played electric music.
When i curated the exhibition it was important to me that everything had an organic transition and that nothing stood out from each other. The guests, musicians and art were all part of the whole. It was important to me that the DJs melt into the space and do not have to stand on a podium.
Basically like a heartbeat in the center of the all. On the walls next to the photographs an abstract animation was shown, which also picked up the work.
In the second room I presented sculptures inspired by nature, music and my discontinued study of architecture (This is how the title was born in 2018). The artworks have a lava-like texture, which reminded me strongly of the formation of earth. One of the artworks has the title PlankTS. Abstractly you can recognize two players and a mixer. The background in blue is inspired by the Plank Bar toilet. Guests tagged and stickered the background.
The third room I called Sensory Activation Hub. An interactive art installation to sharp and reactive the senses. Closing your eyes… feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing.

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